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Fantasy Dream Bang

Vanessa Y.'s done toy scenes before but this one tops them all on the fantasy level. Voluptuous Model of the Year Vanessa teases, plays with her big boobs and hot body, spreads her hairy pussy, takes off her sexy, skimpy outfit and has fantasy simulated sex, all done in P.O.V. Vanessa is also very talented at eye-banging and she does plenty of that here. She has a smile on her face and a look of satisfaction when the fantasy-dick squirts a huge load all over her tits after she jacks, sucks and fucks it. She rubs in the stuff and makes her dangling breasts shine. It takes toying to a new level. .
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: August 23rd, 2016
Duration: 84

Member Comments

3 months ago 
WoW Vanessa ! You mentioned in one interview that you have already fulfilled all your sexual fantasies in your real life.
I love this Fantasy Dream Bang here!
How about going for another classic Sexual Fantasy .. A Fantasy Dream GANGBANG ! with 3 squirting cock-shaped dildos, at the same time !
The Glory Hole Fantasy with two of them! was just incredibly hot!
and the cream ejections at th end of the video.
Sweet naughty wet dreams (of mine!) are made of you, Vanessa ..
Thanks for listening VY and being here at TSG.
4 months ago 
Have a nice day Vanessa ! 39 y.o. today HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
You are beyond amazing, and looking better than ever.
Looking forward to seeing you in more cock fantasies this year.
You are my favorite Model, Vanessa, and this is one of my fav scenes.
Have fun and a happy day !
8 months ago 
Vanessa Y is a living Goddess, not of this Earth, sent from above..
I wish I could see a new scene on a weekly basis !
I also have that compulsive NEED to see MORE of HER !
Praying for your return to fully enjoy this 2017, after your 2nd VMofY THRONE in a row.
That s where the big fun begins !
Big realistic rubber dicks, squirting big loads all over you !
This vision of Vanessa s stacked, all-natural, shapely anatomy.. OMG
that pretty face & banging eyes, sucking, stroking, titty-fucking and riding on those cock-shaped dildos ..
PLEASE Vanessa, some doggy & reverse cowgirl with the guy into some motion ! and an epic ending with two big "jizz" loads on your stunning ass cheeks and also a facial & oral creampie ..??!!
You make me fantasize like crazy ! Ohh Vanessa ... daydreaming..
9 months ago 
VANESSA really creates the COMPULSIVE NEED to see MORE of HER! on a monthly basis, al least ! lol!
This first Cock Fantasy of hers is epic, and the second huge "jizz load" on her boobs is fantastic!
Seeing her sucking & fucking that "big dick" drives me crazy!
Definitely SHE takes toying (with the guy there!) to a new level.
Hope to see tons more Vanessa !
S&M & Fantasies rule !! WOW !
1 year ago 
Vanessa really got me with this one last summer !
It was a permanent erection on a daily basis.. on the beach ... lol!
I thought it could for real, male flesh & Godesss Vanessa !! OMFG !!
It was not.. in the end, but it was entirely another dimension in this type of sex fantasy videos !! A new level of hotness & sexiness, hornier than most XXX BG scenes ... and the GH scene with 2 "cocks" just drove me completely mad !!
And both videos and sets still do, after having watched them a thousand times...
Can t wait to see more Vanessa s Cock Fantasies, naughtier & nastier, and If she wonders whether to shoot some scenes with real dicks, I really hope she decides to take the plunge this year !!!
Those would definitely be some of the happiest days of my life !! with you Vanessa, Polish Queen of Beauty, pleasuring some big real (and anonymous ??) COCKS !
Whatever you deliver here will be always welcome Vanessa Y.
1 year ago 
Please Vanessa Y... bring your Cock Fantasies back to us asap !!
Don t make us wait this long !
Need U very badly with your big realistic dildos cumming all over U !
Counting the days and praying for the Queen s Return !
1 year ago 
Yeahh ! VANESSA Y. MODEL of the YEAR .. AGAIN !!
U Vanessa really deserve the prize.
Hope to see U back ASAP, with your Cock Fantasies, naughtier & sexier than ever, and plzz some never-seen-before stuff.. and whatever hot scenes u might think of !
Don t stop at the top ! and plz give us a year to remember, with tons of amazing horny breathtaking new material !
1 year ago 
Vanessa ... hottest thing I've seen in years.
What else can I say ?
Keep on fantasizing !
Your glory-hole scene was also a deep impact and got a hold on me.
When will we see you again with another alluring captivating Cock Fantasy ?
That'd be so great news!
1 year ago 
I m already missing you Vanessa in this 2017, January ..
Can t take my eyes off you.. jacking, sucking and riding that big "dong", and making it cum all over your gorgeous natural boobs!
Cum back soon with another amazing sexy horny fantasy full of "big cocks and big loads" on you, and longer fucking action, please !
1 year ago 
I dont know what it is about Vanessa Y. but SHE really pushes my hard cock to the very limit, with every single minute of her stunning Fantasies videos, and each & every awesome pic !
Vanessa has the power, some kind of spell Im under, to refill my balls with fresh jizz, a million miles an hour! once & again & again.. like no other model does !
Keep her cumming forever! with her Cock Fantasies or whatever naughty stuff she might be up to.
1 year ago 
Permanent hardness !
Enlarged & rigid prick ready to shoot !
Gallons of jizz dedicated to your sacred anatomy & face & a lot more 2 cum!
Deep devotion.
Alluring, gripping, fascinating.
1 year ago 
Helluva fantasy !!
You are now Vanessa in the very prime of your sexiness & hotness !
I ve got once again the urge to jack to your amazing, stunning body and face.. you are the ultimate sperm-maker to me !
I adore you. I am a very devoted fan ! lol
Hope to see you here in Score at least for another decade !
1 year ago 
The one & only Vanessa!
Please Score, some kind of BTS, candids, "the making of" stuff, vids & pics, would be really welcome & appreciated!
How about that ?
More Vanessa please !!!!
1 year ago 
WISH LIST IDEAS (without penetration..)
Any chance .. Vanessa ? ....
Tits & tugs
Handjob / BJ
Footjob !
Friction job (dry humping)
Twerk & Jerk !
Glory Hole (real or fake dick/s)
Tease & Masturbate (Male & Female without touching each other)
Sybian !
Making a guy cum with vibrating devices & other tools
Just a WISH LIST ! lol!
Let alone sex with penetration ..!
Just dreaming ?? Hope not ..
VANESSA come back every month !!
1 year ago 
Vanessa you are my natural viagra !!! lol!
You could wake the dead !
Best pictorial & scene from you ever.
Please go on just like this !!
U give me, with every new material from you, a rock-hard erection for hours, an intense pleasure and 3-4 cumshots guaranteed !
U really make my day with every new video & gallery.
Keep them coming!
Drooling for the next one ..
1 year ago 
I would really love to see Vanessa's perfect, stacked, pale, astonishing anatomy in some outdoors scenes sometime...
Including, whenever it's possible, vid&pics of her glorious body on the beach !! with sexy & beautiful tan lines & a tiny bikini & other sexy skimpy swimsuits !
It's always summer time somewhere .. lol!
1 year ago 
I really think it's time for the one & only Vanessa to join the "Her Own Site" Goddesses Club.
Honestly. She deserves it!
1 year ago 
Vanessa can make any man cum just by looking at you with those green eyes and a one-minute stroking session !
She is so not-of-this-earth, and so naturally talented everywhere, with weight where it counts !
She is at her best !
Vanessa is so flawless that looks kinda unreal..
Vanessa FOREVER.
1 year ago 
Most intense eye-banging ever !
I could cum a couple of times in a row just by looking at her face & into those mesmerizing deep green eyes of hers ..
Vanessa rules !
1 year ago 
Just can t wait to watch Vanessa playing the Dominatrix with no mercy role, in the upcoming bondage dungeon scene !!!
Who will she be dominating ?? How many hooters ...?? lol!
Hope we can see her again in some GG/G video bdsm style, like the stuff that she used to do, and that she is pretty good at !
Drooling and looking forward to watching that !!
I m already trying hard to figure it out !!! OMFG !!
1 year ago 
Vanessa puts across to the viewer both sexyness & sweetness, like any other model, imo.. Tons of natural sex appeal ! Every single time.
Look at that face, those eyes.. and that flawless, unimpaired, superb body of hers! that ass, those legs and boobs ... !!
Awww damn ! Vanessa.. rock on forever !
1 year ago 
WOW ! Flowing hair, penetrating alluring eyes, beautiful face features, pouty lips & tongue, sexy neckline, big round natural amazing boobs, knock-out bubble butt, mesmerising fuckholes, splendid hips, gorgeous legs & ankles..
and those provocative tight short cut-off jeans and cleavage, and tantalizing open high-heel shoes..
and your edible mouth on that huge dildo, pov style.. and ..
final countdown for a huge cumshot !!!!
1 year ago 
OMFG !!!!!
If I was the guy, I'd cum at least twice in my pants, with Venessa's eyes, mouth, tongue, ass and hands, working POV on that large fake dick, right in front of my wide open eyes, drooling mouth & hidden cock about to explode in there any second !!!! Wicked ..
I couldn't take it without launching my wad half way thru the filming & at the end, once or twice again, staring at Vanessa stroking, licking, sucking & riding !!! going mad & hard !!! ... and hard again!
Several shots guaranteed ... Wow, Wow !!!!
1 year ago 
All that jizz, Vanessa, looks soo good !! Keep us wanting to cum, over and over again, with more loads all over your boobs, ass and beautiful face... please ! Fake or ... real ...
1 year ago 
More POV like this with Vanessa and her fake (or maybe real sometime ..!) big human-like dildo and jizz !!!!!
1 year ago 
Splendid magnificent sexy pictorial !!
More tight, fit clothes like in this video & more cock fantasies with the same type of realistic big fake dick, or a couple of them!
And some cosplay or parody action ..!?
She is mouthwatering good on camera.
So gorgeous & natural.
1 year ago 
Yes Indeed Vanessa
What A Natural
Viva Polska
1 year ago 
More realistic big dildos like this !
Mind blowing pictorial with those close-ups of Vanessa and the huge cock-shaped dildo, and those eyes & look of hers
More cock fantasies will be welcome !!! let alone with a real dick !!
Tits & Tugs next ?? OMG!
Sucking & stroking a big cock would be hotter than hell !! She has done pretty well indeed with that huge fake (but very realistic!) thing !!
A longer video next time?
Hats off to VANESSA Y. !!
1 year ago 
She was in the very prime of her voluptuosity in "Stairway to Big Boobs Heaven", "S.O.S. Bikini Blast" .. now she is back to perfect shape, and age! imo. I don t mind her being heavier though ! Better heavier than thinner! Vanessa is always a Goddess.
Only if she could get a tan sometime.. just for a change.
And please some more banging positions in your next (hopefully!) Cock Fantasy.. Good (kinda huge..) realistic dildo & jizz!! Just great !!
Hats off to you VANESSA & SG for continuing to deliver us this great stuff every month now. Don t stop at the top !!!
1 year ago 
Vanessa s Fantasy Dream Bang & Cock Fantasy .. Part 2, Part 3 ...!! PLEASE !!!
And a Cock Fantasy ... With a COCK !!??
Highly realistic and big cock-shaped dildo though. Only wished a longer video .. can t get enuff of Vanessa ! Better than never before now in her late thirties and in perfect shape, and sooo beautiful ... WoW
1 year ago 
Almost perfect!
What a flawless goddess you are Vanessa Y.
Just unimpaired and unique female, after all these years.
Only if you could give us in your next videos and galleries, more banging angles and positions ..
And great to see that jizz on you for the very first time !! Great surprise even though is all fake, but pretty realistic !!!
Keep that action and more in your upcoming videos .. and some new treats for us !!
Legion of fans of yours !
1 year ago 
Outstanding pictorial of the polish Queen award-winning Goddess.
I can only say .. kudos and hungry like the wolf for more !!!!!
1 year ago 
Vanessa is touching the sky here. She couldn t get any sexier and prettier. Absolutely a work of art with this Goddess sent to Poland and to all of us, the viewers.., from above! lol!
Long hair again, incredible green eyes, sexy smile, long fingers, and those fit cut off jeans, teasing shirt and bra, with that hairy pussy of hers underneath. And a great intro ! Applause!
1 year ago 
Vanessa is a the top of her art here. I love her magnificent boobs and her lovely hairy pussy. After this fantastic training with a big toy, we need to see Vanessa with a real big cock. In the next scene ?
1 year ago 
my boner aches
1 year ago 
Nice OMG To be THAT toy!
1 year ago 
I love you Vanessa
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