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Polish Pulchritude

Vanessa Y. now wears H-cup bras. She has problems in her native Poland finding bras that fit her big boobs and the internet is the fastest way to find boulder-holders that fit her. Otherwise she'd be going from store to store and that would kill the whole day. Vanessa likes to ride horses and watch Formula One racing. She sleeps naked and her favorite position is doggie. She enjoys giving and getting oral and her favorite way to orgasm is doggie. She likes the occasional anal sex and she likes sex with other women. (You can see her eyes light up when she was with Joana.) This pictorial, along with "Good Girls Wear Black" and her scene with Joana ("Game On For The Busty Goddesses"), were shot in the Dominican Republic. The video match of this photo spread has a rare interview that provides some more personal info about Vanessa.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: April 17th, 2014
Duration: 80

Member Comments

2 months ago 
VANESSA Y. is a brick house woman here, absolutely stunning.
I would not mind if she gained some weight again just to look like this
Even though she looks incredibly awesome now (she is 39 and looking so good..!) she used to be the pinnacle of natural voluptuosity !
Don t worry about diets Vanessa, if you put some weight all over your amazing anatomy, again .. hapiness and a raging boner for months!
Massive erection, extreme arousal with your rotund curves.
Those boobs and that ass !!
4 months ago 
Vanessa Y. s boobs and behind bigger than ever !
So voluptuous anatomy in 2014!
Weight right where it counts, so stacked, and hotter than hell.
Vanessa says in the interview that her favorite position is DOGGIE! and that she likes the OCCASIONAL ANAL SEX !
Will you please show us Vanessa !!
In one of your amazing Sex Fantasy scenes..
Some anal play and butthole gape with a dildo? and some good banging action doggie style, with the guy s toy cumming on your amazing ass cheeks, and a big load driping down your crack and beautiful fuckholes.. what a sexy vision omg !
You look great in that weight, bigger and curvier ! Thank U VY !
8 months ago 
Amazing set of this Polish Goddess, packing a whole lot of womanly assets ! beyond belief .. holy fuck!
Stacked ! all-natural glorious curves, thick in all the right places without getting too chunky.
Vanessa is perfection. Devilish smile and beautiful banging eyes.
Great to hear in the interview about her sexual preferences and life.
I d love to read / hear MORE from Vanessa about those ! and about her sexual fantasies (all of them fulfilled !! she said ..)
She says she likes occASSional anal sex .. please Vanessa ! show us some anal play and dildo action in your tight yummy little butthole !
With her big squirting toys ! and that anonymous lucky guy ..
I agree Slothsaxon, Vanessa is the epitome of female beauty.
2 years ago 
Keep spreading your pussy. you do a great job of doing that. keep showing your beautiful big tits too! More Score models should.
3 years ago 
Oh Vanessa Baby 24 comments and I'm the 25th. You've really got us by the short hairs. You exude such sheer sexual prowess. What a predator for the camera. You come through the lens like no other. Like the rest, I can't wait to see you full of cock or maybe even a gang bang. All those holes filled up at once. Ya gotta luv that.

You definitely drive us crazy. Please hurry back to the Score Studio soon Baby........... WE can't wait.
3 years ago 
Vanessa is the epitome of female beauty!
3 years ago 
Fabulous woman!
4 years ago 
Wow she really watches formula 1?? I dream of a women like this but she is reality *_*
4 years ago 
she is very sexy. bring her back
4 years ago 
Superb set!
4 years ago 
Beautiful and sexy woman! Perfect curves, big tits, tight pussy, and gorgeous ass. Talk about being made for good hard sex! Where do I sign up!
4 years ago 
Vanessa is so beautiful and oh so sexy!! What a terrific body. Clearly she has become one of the hottest models Scoreland has ever had. Now if she would only give us one hardcore scene!! Please Vanessa, we would like to see you enjoy an orgasm doggie style!!
4 years ago 
Gorgeous. But I wish she'd let her beautiful bush grow back.
4 years ago 
Keep the open pussy shops coming! AMAZING!
4 years ago 
How is it she gets better every time? Keep Vanessa coming! More tits! More ass! More of that devilish smile!!!!
4 years ago 
The Hottest thing at TSG ever!
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