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Vanessa's Breast Growth Spurt!

Featuring Vanessa Y.
Date December 12th, 2013
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Vanessa is back. And there have been some changes. Vanessa's thick garden has been trimmed. More importantly, her already big boobs are even bigger. She's had a growth spurt! That's two in a row with Nancy Navarro's new look. So how did this happen? Why now? Vanessa says that as soon as she stopped smoking cigarettes, her tits began to grow and they haven't stopped yet. Useful information for other girls too: Lay off the ciggies and maybe your boobs will get bigger too! Hair-lovers may bemoan the loss of Vanessa's bushy muff but since the trade-off of sorts is bigger tits, there's no point in splitting hairs. .

What Members are saying about this update...

December 17, 2013
She is hot with or without bush. I personally like without, and completely shaved (or with a landing strip) better because you can see the glory of the female sex without an obstructed view (and makes for a better Dinner at the Y). I think it goes without saying that Vanessa is a goddess among the women of the world and the extra few pounds in this recent set only adds to her glory. She is still well within the "voluptuous" envelope in my book! Oh so sexy, with a few extra curves and even more boobs and ass... and that sexy smile we know so well. What's not to love!?
December 15, 2013
Love all the open pussy shots! AWESOME!!!!
December 13, 2013
A real positive surprise. She┬┤s hot!
December 13, 2013
i luv this hottie. and these pics turned out sexy as fuck!!! the last five really stand out to me
December 13, 2013
I have never seen a photo shoot or video of this woman that wasn't incredibly
sexy. She is about the hottest thing on the planet in my opinion. I would crawl
across broken glass for that ass, let alone the tits.
December 13, 2013
Vanessa looks amazing in this set. I always thought she should have a little bit more weight on her to make her look perfect. And now here it is. Great set, this is the stuff that makes me love Score. I agree with boobman, I'd really like to see Vanessa looking like this but with a very hairy pussy again, but I'm definitely not complaining about the set itself. Excellent work.
December 12, 2013
Absolutely Awesome!!! Love the trim job!!
Much better than last time. You look amazing!!
I could go down on you for hours!!
December 12, 2013
Great!! I have often heard that smoking cessation leads to weight gain (food substituted for cigs?), which in Vanessa's case is just fine with me. Now, if she would only regrow that yummy bush?

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