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A Hairy Situation

No model in recent SCORE history has generated so much bickering and controversy than Vanessa. She has one of the hairest muffs ever seen and that's the center of the storm. "Thank you! Thank you!," comments pskao. "While Vanessa will probably shave if she continues modeling, it's nice to see an old-fashioned hairy bush every now and then! I prefer more often than you print, but I love it! Now if only she'll do hardcore." While it's not looking like Vanessa will be doing any monkey business with a man on-camera, never say absolutely never. On the other side of the follicle fence, Chuck writes, " Well SCORE, I gotta give you the really, really shit award that you totally deserve! This is the worst photo set I have ever seen on this or any other web site! I had to throw up three times just looking at these pix! If this is what SCORE is all about then I won't be renewing my subscription, as a matter of fact I want a refund of the last subscription you charged me. I should also get punitive damages for psychological distress! And as for all these, uh, whatever they are who like this crap need to get their warm milk and cookies, then put to bed!" And one last counterpoint, Porn Star adds "I love a woman with pubic hair! Landing strips to full bush! We need more of that, much more. The totally shaved look is too overplayed these days. I'm tired of women's vaginas looking like they are too young to be seen naked! It's high time pubic hair made a comeback! All who agree, let's hear your voices!! Those that don't..I will still defend to the death your right to speak your mind as well..I guess.".
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: May 15th, 2013
Duration: 65

Member Comments

1 year ago 
id love to dive into that bush!
3 years ago 
we must see more hairy pussies, I am tired to see all girls shaved Vanessa is FANTASTIC. thanks
4 years ago 
Amazing Hairy Pussy!! More bush models please!!
4 years ago 
love that hairy pussy. makes my dick rock hard
4 years ago 
Nothing better than a big pair of oiled up titties. I absolutely love these sets with oily, shiny tits. Keep them coming Score!
4 years ago 
I love that last shot of her. The side on shot of her
standing. Really shows off her figure and those tuffs of hair
from her bush.
4 years ago 
Vanessa is absolutely stunningly beautiful. I won't entertain any debate. I have
grown accustom to shaved or trimmed. But Vanessa I will take and cherish her as
natural as she wants to be. I look forward to seeing more and more of this
gorgeous goddess.
4 years ago 
OMG!!! she is very nice. i love hairy pussy!! really love hairy pussy. Please Scoreland, hope in future you will do other hairy sets. More hairy girls please. ciao THX
4 years ago 
Vanessa is one of the hottest girls around, love to see more of her. But sorry, for me that untrimmed bush is a big turnoff.
4 years ago 
Where would you start with this girl? Wonderful natural women - more please
4 years ago 
Well vanessafan, I'm not in the business of fixin up anyone with pussy but I will suggest you go to Europe. I hear a lot of women over there don't shave anything. Sounds to me like it's your paradise found.
4 years ago 
While I think it would be great if Vanessa trimed her bush a hair (Pun intended. Sorry, I couldn't stop myself!) you'll get no complaints from me.

Vanessa has it all. Great rack, eyes, face, legs, waist, smile and an hourglass figure. And did I mention her boobs? They're worth mentioning again. Also I agree with Porn Star about the request for a naked-arms-at-the-sides pose from different angles.

Thanks for bringing us another beauty and yes to more hairy pussies!
4 years ago 
I just now got on this post of the hair. First off I would like to thank Score for posting my previous comment I made about this model. For those of you who wish me fairwell I say sorry guys but I'm still here. As for the punative damages, that is still in litigation. I personally do not find such massave amount of pubic hair on a woman to be sexy, beautiful or in any way attractive. However, I can tell from the comments of some of you that it reminds you of when you were young and you actually saw the forbidden fruit of a naked woman. But what would you have thought if you saw her with a naked cunt instead of a mound of hair? I think you would have found it much more enjoyable!
4 years ago 
I love Vanessa. Absolutely stunning. Amazing smile, fantastic breasts, and lovely, cup-able ass! The bush is nice, just needs to be tamed a bit. Keep about 85% of it.
4 years ago 
Love the pubic hair
4 years ago 
I gotta ask a favor from ya'll at Score Land & XL. Please have & post the pictures in at least in one photo set with every model, where she is posed with her arms at her side, totaly naked, standing straight up, from the front, back, and sides. It really gives the since of her body and makes the photos even more enjoyable!!! I'm always looking for those types of pictures, but they are very hard to find. Seeing Vanessa in the pose of my dreams as she is makes me very very happy. I love that she has so much pubic hair that it's also easy to see from the side view. I only wish she did a photo like that from the front as well.
That would really make my days, nights, and whenever i log on even better!!!
4 years ago 
Absolutely marvelous !
4 years ago 
absoLUtely yes on bush. It's coming back
4 years ago 
Another incredible set with Vanessa. Keep bringing her back, please!! Countdown to Chuck shitting up the comment section again...
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