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Titty Titty Clit Clit

Featuring: Vanessa Lilio
Date: April 14th, 2010
Photos: 58
Vanessa Lilio can tell a man's sexual prowess by how he dances. If he holds her close, moves rythmically with her and touches her firmly but gently, she says she knows he will be good in bed. She goes out dancing a lot, especially on weekends, to group parties where people learn and practice different types of dancing. Her favorite place to have sex is a public restroom. Why she fixated on toilets as the hottest place to fuck is probably because that's where she lost her virginity so there's the pleasurable association. "There's nothing kinkier than a restaurant toilet," says Vanessa, who's called Wanessa in her native Poland (V here is a W there). She likes sexually assertive guys. "He has to be handsome like Ricki Martin," Vanessa adds. Guess she didn't hear the news. Vanessa says her best kind of day is staying home, breakfast in bed, fucking and taking a bath together.

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April 23, 2010
Thank goodness we finally get a few new pix of self tit-sucking! A little more & I might re-up . . .
April 21, 2010
Very sweet! More of it please.

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