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Featuring: Vanessa Del
Date: October 2nd, 2011
Photos: 75
One of the three Dominican superwoman of the Caribbean along with Miosotis and Kristina Milan, Vanessa bikinis it on the beach, then strips it off in the surf to spread her cookie and treat you to her massive, dangling hangers, her big, widescreen butt and and her overall earthy, slutty sexual radiation. This is not a neg; it's a compliment to say that the ever-smiling Vanessa has that kind of raunchy, slutty appearance that guys love and the tropical splendor of the location makes it hotter. We can't imagine Vanessa living anywhere else but the Caribbean. She'd seem out of place in some urbanized, American city. The D.R. is lucky to have her. Vanessa is like one of those steamy nympho-chicks from an old movie who comes out of the forest to fuck the hell out of a guy and then vanishes into the night after extracting the nutjuice out of his balls. "Vanessa's boobs look fantastic whether she's laying on her back or if they're hanging down or restrained in something tight," comments Jet. Vanessa's darker areolae and nipples are a stunning complement to her lovely brown skin. A man can get lost in her cleavage and never want to find his way out again.

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September 16, 2014
She is a goddess, in every sense, I worship Vanessa !!!!!
October 05, 2011
Incredible. That shot of her standing at 3/4 view......look at those proportions!!!! DAMN!!!
October 03, 2011
This goegeous lady is absolutely a superwoman who slays my cock in seconds flat. It is correctly put above, she is earthy and hot as fuck and truly one of my faves. Her whole aura is sex appeal to the tenth power on fucking fire! She has so many gorgeous features it's hard to give them all due diligence. She has electric charm with the camera and curves that are one of a kind. I SO hope she and Kristina Milan do more DVD work with TSG because I have all their current work and my dick is begging for more. I am a BIG fan you super hottie Vanessa!

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