SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

How To Be A Porn Star In The Bedroom
A tender, young, sweet girl from the Ukraine, Valory Irene, and a tender, young, sweet girl from Romania, Lana Ivans, meet for the first time at Big Boob Finishing School. The place: Portugal. The reason: getting them together and hoping they like each other. Reading from the manual, they learn that busty, hot girls must masturbate once a day and that they should think of their dildo as a cock. "The only proven method of learning how to please a real cock is to practice on imitation cocks," advises the book's author, Michelle Bond. "When masturbating, think about your man and what you want to do with him: You want to pleasure him. And if you pleasure him, he will be happy to pleasure you. Now lie down, spread your legs and imagine that the dildo is your man's cock. Begin by licking and sucking the cock. Then, when you are ready, move the cock down to your pussy and begin to master the mind-pussy connection." Valory and Lana are apt students and the dildo is their training tool.
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