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Lounging In Lingerie

Valory Irene is enjoying traveling with SCORE to places she'd only read about and seen on TV. She wants to visit a lot of countries and wants to try skydiving one day, when she can build up the nerve. In her spare time, Valory works on improving her English. (We can't say the same for our Ukrainian.) Valory wears mostly thong panties and wears a bra as much as possible except when she's in bed. A romantic at heart, like most Ukrainian and Russian women, she likes to be surprised and likes variety in dating: movies, clubs, tourist attractions. She likes a well-groomed guy who dresses well, smells clean and wears clean shoes. In return, she'll make sure he loves how she looks. Valory's perfect day would be spending the entire day at a ladies spa, getting a massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, sauna, salt treatment and everything else a spa offers. She could think of no better birthday gift. Her body is her own gift to the boob-men of SCORELAND.
Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: January 27th, 2011
Duration: 92

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Wow Love this photos set she is one of the best
4 years ago 
This is one of my favorite sets of Valory Irene. I like the many different poses. There are plenty of booty shots and pussy. I could spend all day staring at her magnificent breast but she has more features I like. She has pretty eyes and her hair looks nicer than some other sets. I love her accent and the way she slowly moves when she's taking off her clothes. I'm satisfied with her videos and pictures. Like she said... she's shy and sweet. I like her all these reasons.
7 years ago 
She is incredible! Her tits remind me of a young Danni Ashe. Beautiful!
7 years ago 
Amazing woman!
7 years ago 
She never smiles...
7 years ago 
Valory is amazing!!!! Her tits are absolutely perfect!!!! More Valory, please!!!!
7 years ago 
She is absolutely amazing! I hope she makes a xxx boy/girl vid soon!!
7 years ago 
Valory's breats are perfection. It is nice to see her modeling skills growing with every set. Her future is promising.
7 years ago 
Wow, she really looks terrific! Best set yet!
7 years ago 
And there she is in full Glory!!!! I am so grateful for this moment
7 years ago 
You people are killing me with This babe! Valory Irene is my new Big Boob Vixen Goddess. Finally, I noticed what a great ass Valory has as well. Do I say MORE Valory! Ok, I said it.
Great set. 10+ Thank you.
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