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Perfect Tits For Any Holiday

"She has tits like Danni Ashe," said SCORE founder John Fox. "She has an ass like Danni's too. I'm not saying we've found the next Danni Ashe. That remains to be seen. But I think you'll agree that Valory is special." Mr. Fox should know having discovered a slew of topshelf girls over the past 30 years of helming men's magazines. For her first SCORE magazine layout, Valory proved that it was the most wonderful time of the year with a Santa's little helper costume, the kind of girl that uncountable guys would love to find under their tree on Xmas morning. Valory was discovered completely by happenstance. The timing was impeccable. She didn't come to us through an agency or contact us directly herself or through a friend.
Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: January 21st, 2011
Duration: 72

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Valory Irene is a Top Model in my book, Very Beautiful Person. Thanks for the Holiday Photo Set. Would love to be able to see and keep videos of you Valory, But Scoreland has your videos as watch only. You can't download and keep it to be able to watch over and over if we choose. Why are you doing that Scoreland ??
6 years ago 
If I found Valory under my tree it would be a Very Merry X-mas
7 years ago 
I really hope a legend is born...she is here because she has all the assets we like. But on top of that her face is top notch.
7 years ago 
I've gotta say, beautiful Valory has an incredible figure!!(Her areolas are fantastic!)Perfect tits, perfect ass, perfect legs... she's perfect all over! Wow!!
7 years ago 
I't nice to see a girl that's not constantly (i.e. every second photo set) banged by some random dudes... :)
7 years ago 
I love the holiday specials. Xmas is my fav. Great gift for the holidays is sex. Hope we see some hoilday videos soon. Loveto unwrap presents like that.
7 years ago 
Thank you for the pussy surprise!
7 years ago 
man i'd like to find her under my christmas tree.i would'nt ask santa for any thing after that. my only complaint is she's hot, but the photography was lame.y'all could have showed some better shots of all her body not just tits
7 years ago 
Valory is incredible and has the best body I've ever seen (and I've been looking at babes with boobs for over 30 years). Fantastic legs and ass, and the world's greatest tits is a combination that is hard to beat. I can see the reference to Danni Ashe - and Danni is a beauty. But Valory is a notch above Danni in the tits department. More, more, more! And I'd love to see her working over two hung studs.
7 years ago 
Way to showcase Valory with a quality photo set. Great props, super hot outfit, and great photography. What Score member wouldn't want to wake up on Christmas morning and find Valory under their tree? Valory really does resemble Danni Ashe. Her tits are perfection, her ass is delicious, and her personality comes through in her facial expressions when she poses. Loved it!
7 years ago 
Wasn't sure about Valory to begin with, but she has grown on me and I'm a convert now.
7 years ago 
I only rated Valory 5 Stars,because that's all you allow. She's 10 stars plus. I don't view this as a late Christmas set, no, I view it as Christmas 2011 cums early. WOW. Thanks.

I see More Valory photos are on the way. You guys do listen. MORE VALORY MORE!
Thank you.
7 years ago 
FINALLY!!! Valory, I 100% respect you if you opt not to do hardcore, but THANKS for showing a little pink. :-) You truly are magnificent.
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