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Trinity In The Study

Wow, has it been nearly two friggin' years since we first met Trinity ex-spurtly polishing some dude's helmet for SCORE's Xtra section? Afraid so, boys. That's remiss of us, we know it. Hopefully, this set of Trinity all alone will make up for the gross negligence. (The golden rule does state that man does not live by hardcore alone.) We were actually ass-backwards with Trinity. Traditionally, you present a model first in solo layouts, and later on, if she's amenable and you get lucky, you get more explicit, leading to a sex scene. That's because there's the thesis that presenting a model first in XXX will "blow the load," (establish an excitement threshold) and we won't be as stimulated by her in subsequent solo action. Is that the case with Trinity? We don't think so. This chick is hot, with or without XXX. .
Featuring: Trinity
Duration: 30
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