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Gazuttis of Glory

Featuring: Trinity Michaels
Date: July 2nd, 2010
Photos: 93
Floridian Trinity Michaels said that the first time she did the rumba-rumba, "we did missionary for three hours." Not bad for a virgin effort. Trinity is an art-o-phile and likes to sketch and paint, not too short a hop to modeling herself. But when she took the plunge and doffed her tops and bottoms it wasn't for a bearded smocker in a beret. No, Trinity was drawn to the camera. While she's not quite sure how long she wants to model or where she wants to take it, V-Mag is very happy to welcome Trinity to the big show. You may or may not agree but there's a touch of the Czech cleavage queen Bozena in Trinity's visage. Will she take it as far as Bozena has. Time will tell. Trinity is not bashful when it comes to recounting past sexcapades. She's done it with girls ("She ate me out and fucked me with a strap-on, making me squirt.") and gone to orgies ("At my friend's house where we had an orgy complete with belts and whips.") and enjoys flying solo too ("I like sitting in a position that makes me squirt and use a dildo while vibrating my clit.").

What Members are saying about this update...

December 19, 2010
Very cutie and very sexy. Nice and soft tits.
August 22, 2010
I would love to get her into bed!
August 14, 2010
Well, I suppose you could say her legs are abit thin.
As for the photo set you couldn't say much. The other one was better. Thanks again score~
July 03, 2010
This is my First Wife . Perfect Body, Faces and Tits .
July 03, 2010
I'm already in love. More please!
July 02, 2010
Trinity is lovely. More please!
July 02, 2010
trinity micheals a very beautiful lady

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