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Tory On A Rocking Chair

You betcha, boob-man! We told you before, this issue is fuckin' loaded! And, for those of you who loved TORI in her SCORE debut (March '99), get ready to spurt some syrup, 'cause the pancakes are back! You a Voluptuous-only man? Then, you're seeing all you need to see! Look at those areolae! Those floppers! That curvaceous body! Oh man, it's hard-attack time! So, when you go get the April '99 Voluptuous, we recommend a stop at the drug store. Go to the vitamin rack and buy some zinc and lecithin. They'll make your balls full and you'll be spurting a load that would make a porn star proud! Funny anecdote hereÃ¥Å'´e published an article on lecithin way back when in one of the early issues of SCORE, and your trusty editor's brother (who subscribes to SCORE and Voluptuous卙ey, we're twins!) read the article, went to the drug store and, wouldn't you know it, his girlfriend calls a week later and says, "Mike, can you please tell him to stop taking the lecithin! He's drowning me!" The shit works, boys! And, from one boob-man to many, you'll need a full pod for the April '99 Voluptuous! .
Featuring: Tori
Duration: 21

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2 years ago 
My alltime favourite. Unbelievable softy boobs.
3 years ago 
perfect nipples -excellent pussy lips more of her please
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