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Tory By The Pool

Tory is a sweetfaced, gal-next-door from Tucson, Arizona who plies her trade as a telemarketer. That's not an easy job. People get annoyed at sales calls and slam the phone down. However, if they only knew what Tory looked like, they'd probably order anything she pitched at them. Tory's a good case for those long overdue videophones they used to hype in the 60s. She's 42-26-36 and stuffies those titties into a 35E bra. No wonder then that tons of Voluptuous men requested more of her. 5'1" and 122 Ibs, this 23 year seems destined for a much better career than a telemarketer. Hopefully, she'll apply that stacked bod and cutie puss to much greater personal benefit very soon. .
Featuring: Tori
Duration: 17
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