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Toi In Black

Also spelled Toi. Toy's phenomenal tits have always been a source of delight and admiration, and we missed them dearly when she made her exit. And despite her name, Toy as a woman is nobody's toy. We reckon (when we have the time to reckon) that it's been three years since we last saw Toy. This was at the naughty room of the Video Softwear Dealers Association convention in Los Angeles. Was it 1997? Our memory's shot from too many heavy mammaries. We snapped a few pics of Toy with her bud Stevie Secret, amateur porn babe and former Naughty Neighbors columnist. Shortly after that, we heard that Toy had dropped out of the porno rat race to attend college. This bit of news pleased our Voluptuous editor, since he's big on higher education and feels these girls should have something to fall back on besides a cum soaked mattress. Toy's adult career is extensive, although she never made videos in the hundreds, like many porn chicks.
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