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Ride It Cowgirl

"The kind of people who are drawn to me are a little bit out there anyway. Full of life. I really don't think I attract the accountants of the world. Not that accountants aren't cool, but I don't think they want to come clubbing with me at four o'clock in the morning, either, 'cause they have day jobs. There have been a couple of guys in my life who have never seen me at home. I don't know if they want to hang out with me just being shy and quiet." Plenty is a toy freak also. "Women, if you bring home a great big dildo and you say, 'Baby, let's use this,' your lover's going to be scared and looking for something else to do, but if you give them a little egg and you say, 'Sweetheart, would you shove this up my ass and eat my pussy?' they're not nearly as freaked out. And if I want to stick it in my mouth and blow him so that everything vibrates, then that's not so bad, either. It's kind of cool." .
Featuring: Plenty Uptopp
Duration: 20
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