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Tina And Her Black Vibrator

New at the game, pretty Tina shows not a trace of shyness as she tackles the camera like a veteran V-Mag model. Tina has that near-ultimate voluptuous body: firmly packed twin mounds that make your mouth start to water at first sight; a high-riding, meaty ass that's tight and toned without a trace of sag and ripple; a very well-defined waist with just the slightest trace of belly, and shapely and well-defined legs that look fantastic from all angles. Does all of the above sound like we've been making night deposits over Tina's pics? You betcha! Favorite sex position: "The knee trembler." A "knee trembler," according to Tina, is being fucked in different ways in a standing position. You learn something new every day. Ever the horndogs, we asked Tina about the number-one sexual position that guys ask her to do. "That's an easy one. Ever since I first began shagging, and nearly all of my men have been boob men, the number-one request has been for a 'sausage sandwich.' Do you know what that is? That's when a man slides his knob between my tits and spunks all over them!' Yes, for many reasons, Tina is the perfect V-Model. .
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Duration: 30

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