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Tia Is A Babe

Featuring: Tia Clegg
Date: January 8th, 2017
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Britain's Tia Clegg is a dancer, model and Babestation presenter like Daniella Levy. Babestation is a British TV sex lines show that lets viewers chat with hot models through phone or text messages while they watch her on TV..dirty chats, naturally. Meanwhile, the girls hold a phone while the other hand gets busy. This gives new meaning to the phrase, "Please hold." This is Tia's first time at SCORELAND. SCORELAND: How did you get started as a model? Tia: I started doing regular modeling and I was in several beauty contests. Then I decided to get naughty. Now I like to play with my big boobs and my pussy. I also like dominating. I like to be in control. SCORELAND: What's your favorite place for sex? Tia: I like having sex outdoors. All of my top sexual experiences have been in public places, really.

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