Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous September 2004

Voluptuous September 2004

So slim and stacked, Thalia can go into SCORE or V-Mag. Besides the videos originally made for called Thalia, there's more video of this lovely bikini-shredder in Busty Island Girls. SCORE: Thalia, how important is cock size to you? What size cock do you like? Thalia: Not too big and not too small. Well, I prefer a rather good size. He should have about eight inches and he should know how to use it. SCORE: What type of guys do you like? Thalia: I do not value too much physical appearance. The most important to me in a guy's quality is how he treats me. Honesty, respect and manners. SCORE: Where was the most unusual place you've had sex? Thalia: On a secluded beach in knee-deep water. SCORE: How often do you have sex? Thalia: Not so often.
Featuring: Thalia
Duration: 40
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