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Tessa On The Couch

From Nashville, Tennessee, the name's Tessa Moore and, my oh my, ten bucks for a lapdance with a babe like this is damned cheap, don't ya think! Imagine having her pussy grinding on your hard cock while her spigot-like dugs are pressed into your cheeks! You can, and it won't even cost you ten bucks.. more like seven. That's all the Feb. '99 SCORE will cost you. Best of all, you can pop in Stairway To Heaven and get off with Tessa forever! Sounds like a deal to us? .
Featuring: Tessa Moore
Duration: 25

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Beautiful lass, definitely a keeper. Would make some lucky guy a winner.
3 years ago 
Slim, stacked, and very cute!
Shame there's not more of this hot babe. Particularly loved the spilt milk at the end!
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