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Super Nova

Featuring: Terry Nova
Date: April 10th, 2013
Photos: 75
This is the first time we've photographed Terry in her home country in several years. It's usually been somewhere else on-location. "Nothing could be more fun than doing what I have been doing. Sex!" Terry Nova says. She is a very quiet girl but her curves are very loud. "I get to travel, meet people, get all the sex I want and live well." "I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter and I don't want one. I am just not interested. Maybe some other time. I like to dance and study art in my spare time. I don't play any sports and I don't watch any sports" "I like to wear a sports bra most of the time.

What Members are saying about this update...

February 21, 2016
I wish every Score and XLGirls photoset had a couple of photos like No. 26 here -- low shots of big breasts hanging out over a bra.
January 23, 2015
I love her big tits
December 22, 2014
She's gorgeous in this set
April 15, 2013
I love Terry and her heavenly pussy hair.
April 11, 2013
Damn these are good. Those outfits really suit her! No pun
intended! SOME Body!
April 11, 2013
Terry's slimmed down and toned up. She looks fantastic. The smile is nice, too.
April 11, 2013
Terry definitely looks better than before. I can't quite tell exactly why. Perhaps the hair color, perhaps she lost a little weight and it came off in the right places, but there is a definite change. She looks amazing.
April 11, 2013
April 11, 2013
I have always loved Terry since she first appeared in Score. In this set it looks as though she has dropped a few pounds. Now she looks even hotter as if that was possible! She has the potential to be one of the all time greats. Please keep more photos of her coming.
April 10, 2013
one of the sexiest score models of all time - her solo pics are curvy and great!

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