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Bare At The Bar

Featuring: Terry Nova
Date: December 4th, 2012
Photos: 60
At SCORE we don't often drink beer but when we do, we drink it with hot babes like Terry Nova. She also happens to be an expert bartender. After all, she is Czech, where brewing beer is in their DNA. Very handy with a cocktail and a corkscrew also as you have seen many times. Problem is, Terry never gets any work done at the bar. She's too busy taking off her clothing and messing around with bottles and sex toys to sell any drinks. She's shaken and stirred. Also Terry's very messy drinking beer. Half of it spills all over her tits when she drinks. We suspect that she does this on purpose to attract attention.

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July 16, 2016
Long lasting erection ANY TIME!
Very good job
January 04, 2013
Beautiful Curves !!!
December 06, 2012
I absolutely love Terry. What a woman; one of my absolutely all time
favorites. You could post vids and pics of her every day and I would never
get tired of looking at this amazing woman!
December 04, 2012
Terry Nova is looking hot, as always. Her large breasts seem
to have given me some sort of erection.
December 04, 2012
I'm always glad to see Terry. I'm sorry she shaved her pubic patch. Will she be doing spreads with guys again?

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