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Score November 2007

Featuring Gianna Rossi and Tera Cox
Date November 8th, 2007
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Omega Boobs Sorority president Gianna is usually not known on campus for her benevolence. She's a tough, street-smart girl who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. That's why her desire to help out Pledge Sister Tera shows Gianna's inner humanitarianism in Pounding The Pledges. Tera needs intensive coaching in cocksucking and fucking and how to make guys lose their loads with her huge, award-worthy boobs. Gianna calls up one of her fuck friends so she can teach Tera how to make the most of her gifts. Gianna will spend the afternoon leading by example as she and Tera practice and refine their licking, pumping, thumping and bumping on the old pocket pork. Tera will emerge with a more detailed understanding of sorority life and what makes Omega Boobs so great. Now go hit the showers, girls, and congratulations on a threeway well done.

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