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May 2005 Voluptuous

Taylor Stevens Excerpt from an interview originally published in XL Girls SP 101 But you don't want to be a stripper, do you? Taylor: No, I don't. It's weird. Being a chat host on the Internet, I'm used to being naked, but being naked in a room full of people would be hard for me to adapt to, although I'd like to try it. You've never once in your life stripped? Taylor: No, but people have been asking me to. I have gone on stage with a stripper, but I've never gotten naked entirely. There's a strip club called Whiskey A-Go-Go, and they do a lot of girl-on-girl shows, so once one of the girls pulled me on stage and got me naked and started fooling around with me on stage. I didn't think I could do it. Then she started licking my neck, sucking my breasts, and then she ate me out for about three minutes. That I can handle. But me officially going up on stage and doing a dance and stripping by myself? No.
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