Big Boob Photos » April 2003 Voluptuous - Pink See Though

April 2003 Voluptuous - Pink See Though

Taylor is a V-Mag favorite. She cums clean in this sudsy pictorial. Miss Hill has a nice, direct approach to sex. No pretensions. This is a hot mama. "Hi yo, Silver! Ride em' cowgirl! That's what I say! There's nothing I would like to change in regards to my sex life, only things I would like to have more of, like dick, pussy, oral-giving and receiving, and anal. I had a few orgasms during this photo shoot." Another Taylor pictorial has been lensed and is slated for an upcoming issue. Taylor plays French maid in the upcoming set. Her robust, fleshy body looks perfect stuffed into this costume. If you ever hit the lottery, or get a check from your grandfather's estate, this is who you hire to clean your clock and other pieces of furniture.
Featuring: Taylor Hill
Duration: 30
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