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January 2003 Score

If you remember the Tawny Peaks Mega-Special, it was made up of four photo sets produced in 1995 at the London Studio of John Graham, who, with his partner John Fox, discovered Tawny. Those of you guys who are diehard Tawny fans won't recognize this pictorial, also shot at the same time in 1995, simply because it was stored in the cabinet of SCORE's former editor all these years and never touched, let alone lovingly fondled. That's right, boys, this is an unpublished, never-seen, virgin photo set of one of the original SCORE Girls that put this magazine on the map during the early years. The studio set design is music-video funky, a crumbling barn or derelict building with bales of straw (never hay unless you want your models sneezing their heads off and even breaking out). But Tawny looks amazing in her tight, stone-washed jeans, heels and see-through shirt. 1995 was a splendid year for Tawny Peaks photo shoots, at a time when it took 3 months to download one picture. .
Featuring: Tawny Peaks
Duration: 30
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