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Talya By The Pool

V-Mag: So you like getting your guy off with your mouth, uh? Talya: I do, I really do. V-Mag: So the inevitable question is, do you let him finish in your mouth? Talya: Oh, God, yes. I love the taste of cum. The taste, the's delicious. Unless he drinks a lot of coffee or smokes a lot. It almost always winds up in my mouth. V-Mag: Are you a swallower or a spitter? Talya: A swallower. It usually goes down the hatch, yes. Actually, I'm a vegetarian so it's a good protein substitute. V-Mag: You've probably had your tits fucked quite a lot? Talya: Not as much as you may think.
Featuring: Talya Faust
Duration: 90
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