Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous August 2003

Voluptuous August 2003

V-Mag: Favorite sex position? Sunshine: Missionary. V-Mag: How important is cock size? Sunshine: I like a long cock with big head. I would like to meet one of those guys with a really big cock, like 13 inches. V-Mag: Favorite way to satisfy a man? Sunshine: With my mouth. V-Mag: What sex position satisfies you the best? Sunshine: Missionary, when he grinds his pelvis against mine, not just pumps his cock in and out. V-Mag: How does a man attract your attention? Sunshine: Treats me like a princess. V-Mag: When you look at a man, what part of his body do you examine very carefully? Sunshine: His bulge and his hands. V-Mag: How often do you have sex? Sunshine: It's always different. V-Mag: Do you like to have your tits fucked? Sunshine: It doesn't do much for me but if he likes it, I'll do it to please him if I like him. A lot of the guys I have fucked, they like that.
Featuring: Sunshine
Duration: 30
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