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Score October 2006

Featuring: Summer Sinn
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SCORE: When a guy's eating your pussy, are you watching him or do you have your eyes closed? Summer: Oh, I watch! And he shouldn't stop until I cum. What fun is that? SCORE: When you cum, is it then time to fuck, or should he eat your pussy a little more? Summer: Nope, then he can fuck me. SCORE: Is fucking your third-favorite thing to do? Summer: Yeah. That's the order. Tit-fucking first, eating my pussy second and fucking third. SCORE: What's your favorite position? Summer: Me on top. I like to be in control, and the guy can see my tits best that way. Then doggie-style. I like how my tits hang down, and he can slap my ass, and his cock goes in my pussy so much deeper that way.

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