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Scoring Summer Sinn

Featuring Summer Sinn
Date October 18th, 2008
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Summer Sinn just loves to walk around in super-tight tops, tight, ass-hugging pants and high heels. The girl can't help it. She needs a boobyguard, in our opinion. God bless her for that. We've met chicks who don't have a fraction of Summer's deep boobage and sex magnetism but think they're above even showing their titties. Summer does it all. (Except anal, but we're working on it.) With her killer body, it's a miracle Summer doesn't cause havoc and destruction wherever she walks because of distracted motorists. If Colton Jag hadn't managed to successfully pick up her despite his lame-ass question, there's no telling what would have happened in this parking lot. Shamefully, he doesn't recognize her from Ultimate Summer Sinn or her many videos and photo sets. Summer heads back to his place where there's a convenient massage table a few feet from his door.

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