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In The Mountains

We go to SCORE lensman James Hamilton for the background on her sensational pictorial: "I had motorcycled through the mountains of Colorado for many years and always said to myself that one day I had to bring a model here. But not just any model. I found myself constantly evaluating the potential candidates for this trip. Summer and I worked together on Boob Cruise 98 and became good friends. I knew she was the model I wanted so I approached her with the idea of going for a week. The timing was right, as we were both attending the Exotic Dancer Expo in Vegas and that put us within a day's drive of Colorado. This set of photos was shot at a cabin in the Taylor Park area." To get to this location, Hamilton, Summer and her roadie drove a 4 X 4 truck an hour and a half up a boulder strewn trail to just below the tree line (about 11,000 feet). Hamilton had no photo-assistants and Summer did her own make-up. "It was mid-afternoon when we shot this set. It was probably 50 degrees and only warm when the sun came out from behind the clouds.
Featuring: Summer Leigh
Duration: 25
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