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On A Blue Couch

Here's a busty, young chickie (20 years-old) who earned a shot at the title after doing two still layouts (one solo, one hard-XXX with a human dildo) and an XXX video segment for Voluptuous Xtra #2. Not a small accomplishment for someone who is still undecided about what to do in the future and what path to take in life. Plenty of Voluptuous Men wrote in after seeing Stevie in action, impressed by her sexual talents, enthusiasm, stamina and just sheer sexy-cutesy personality in the sack. That picture of Stevie with a cock in her mouth, just staring at the camera kills everyone. This is what we live for. Will she ever make another? Will she stay in the game for the long run. These questions can't be answered. Only Stevie, who hails from Pennsylvania, can answer them. Good Luck, Stevie. .
Featuring: Stevie Kaye
Duration: 20
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