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"I'm A Nympho. Case Closed!"

Featuring Stephanie Stalls
Date October 22nd, 2011
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Stacked SCORE Girl Stephanie Stalls and her lawyer are meeting to discuss her impending court appearance about her divorce settlement. But there's a problem. She's been cheating and her ex-husband has had her followed by private eye Joey Gecko. Stephanie's lawyer has been given a packet of surveillance photos by her ex's lawyer to show them that their case is about to go into the dumpster. Even Stephanie's low-cut top doesn't interest her lawyer right now. "There's no way the jury is going to believe you now so you can cut the act!" he tells his bosom-rich client. "That asshole!" replies Stephanie, enraged. "He had someone follow me? I should have known. You know he's cheated on me a million times. What the hell was I supposed to do? Now he's got photos of me walking into a hotel with one guy and.." "One guy?" interrupts the lawyer.

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