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What's your favorite Stefania Kinskih scene so far? The pick here is that jogging video she did and then the outdoor scene in her country girl outfit. Mother Nature was very generous to Stefania and she said she appreciates her gifts. "I see a lot of western women getting implants to buy what God gave me so I am thankful for my breasts. I like to take good care of them with healthy massages with cream or oil as often as I can. I love my boobs." Stefania only speaks a few words of English so we could have never collected her opinions and thoughts without the help of our translator. SCORELAND: What makes you laugh the hardest? Stefania: I like to watch funny movies. I love animals so funny little cats and dogs make me laugh. SCORELAND: What does sexy mean to you? Stefania: The strength of a man. Hearing his breathing. The smell of his shirts. A man who is very masculine and well-mannered.
Featuring: Stefania Kinskih
Date: April 9th, 2017
Duration: 55

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1 year ago 
A real woman.
1 year ago 
ATTONITUS--PRODIGIOSUS--STUPENDUS--MAGNIFICUS-- some words in Latin to describe what the last 6 images represent to me, pictures with number 48,49,50,52,53,54 are STUNNING-ASTONISHING-PERFECT. CONGRATULATIONS to camera-crew. These images are showing the glorious FULL, COMPLETE FROM HEAD TO TOE, NUDE OR TOPLESS FRONTAL, SIDE , BACK and 3quarters FRONT, SIDE AND BACK SHOT. What a Paradise, thanks to cameraman to let the huge boobs be alone, hanging free and heavy but alone, with nothing on them covering, pressing or hiding, they are simply hanging down naturally with the pull of gravity. SPEECHLESS!!. Notice the amount of info captured on those FULL COMPLETE BODY SHOTS, it's huge, it is amazing to have that kind of image. We can now judge everything about her body frame, we can see how long are her boobs, how wide are her hips, we can measure the distance from her shoulders' widht and compare to the width of her hips, also available to our eyes is her waist-hips-boobs/ratio, that info is waiting for us to be read. Do you remember Merelyn Sakova's waist-hips-boobs/ratio?. I do and it was stunning beautiful very similar to Christy Marks's ratio, since the two girls had short narrow hips in comparison to their waist lines then they had huge boobs hanging very low, what a gift to be able to judge these complete full body shots, they carry a lot of information to be compare to other girls, we can compare Stefania's body almost to Valory Irene's body frame, the boobs will be the only part with significant differences located on Irene's huge puffy areolas, but I can say their hips, waist and legs are very similar. That info is available for all of us. Stefania's complete full beauty is there finally, these kind of FULL BODY FRONTAL or 3 quarter FRONTAL SHOT, produces in our minds a reminiscence of Botticelli's "The Birth Of Venus". The beauty is just endless, really these full body shots are truly a classic way to register the human body proportions. THANKS DEAR SCORE AND CAMERA-CREW for capturing the whole body. Please do not forget to include always at the end of photo sets this marvelous complete body shot specially permitting the boobs to be hanging FREE, no hands or anything on them at least on 1 image which is THE FULL FRONT SHOT. THANKS A LOT. THIS WAS CLASSICAL AND PERFECTLY EXECUTED BY CAMERA-CREW...
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