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Featuring: Stacy Adams and Juan Largo
Date: February 17th, 2012
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The streetcorner poet who coined the phrase "Women should be seen and not heard" never had the chance to fuck Stacy Adams or listen to her when she is ripping the bed up with a dude. The SCORELAND Blog has discussed dirty talking by the girls and most of us would agree that it adds a lot to the visuals. Stacy is back at SCORE after a few years' absence and in this case, absence does make the hard-on grow harder. Much bigger in the tit department now, Stacy's assfixiated in this fresh SCORELAND vid which happens to be the title of Stacy's cumback juggy jamboree. Throughout the first part of her assfixiated sex-date with tit-wrangler Largo, she can't say much as her mouth is filled but she does make very sloppy cock sucking sounds that remind us of Danielle Derek and Summer Sinn slobbering over the beef. We rate Stacy's sloppy BJ skills a 10 out of 10. Feel free to add your own rating. Obviously, Stacy earned a degree in oral satisfaction in the university of soft knockers. When Stacy starts riding the pole and her mouth is free is when her fuck talk picks up. A flow of dirty words and phone sex talk pours out of her mouth like a broken dam releasing a river of raunch and gets better and wetter as the action builds up to her butthole injection.

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