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Busty MILF of the Month

Featuring Stacie Starr
Date January 27th, 2014
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"Getting naked on-camera is the most fun job I've ever had," says Stacie Starr, MILF of the Month. "And I love fucking, so it's the perfect fit for me! I enjoy being a porn star." Stacie moved to Florida and her sexual powers ramped up. Was it that Florida sun? "I became a nudist sunbather when I moved to Florida in 1994. I love the feel of the sun on my body and not having any tan lines." "I'm an initiator of sex," explains Stacie. "I am a cougar. I go straight to a man's cock, stroke it and rub it, then get it in my mouth and work my magic. I love feeling it get bigger and harder in my mouth. I LOVE to suck cock! I am orally fixated.".

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