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Call Me A Big-Cock Girl Now

Featuring Skyie Blew
Date June 19th, 2008
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"I like sex with a man who has a lot of experience using his penis," says Skyie Blew, a girl who definitely does honor to her name. Penis? Isn't that too clinical a word when you're doing guy-girl stuff for the Boob Brotherhood enjoying at home, Skyie? "Okay, cock. I probably should start using the word cock or dick but penis just comes out of my mouth. Ooops! I didn't mean it like that. But you know what I mean!" Skyie's only done hardcore action for Voluptuous. "I've had lots of sex with guys and some girls in my life but not with porn studs with extra-big cocks, guys that fuck lots of women. They really knew what they were doing. I enjoyed it. Since I'm more of an exhibitionist now, the whole thing was more exciting. I guess you could call me a big-cock girl now!".

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