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Voluptuous March 2007

Featuring Skyie Blew
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Skyie Blew is desperate to lose weight. She's been programmed by society to dislike her body. Millions of girls around the world are brainwashed by asshole TV shows like America's Top Models into accepting the lie that they're too fat. Skyie sees a commercial for a weight loss company. She calls them and arranges for them to come over. She doesn't suspect that the two guys are actually from Weight Loss Intervention and are out to fuck as many plump girls as possible or until their dicks fall off. The two "doctors" take Skyie to her pool area and have her model a bikini so they can check out her body. Before she knows it, Skyie is getting stuffed in her mouth, pussy and ass and between her jugs. Another potential calamity has been snatched from the jaws of the anorexia-makers! Thank God for Weight Loss Intervention. .

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July 03, 2015
God, I love two-men-on-one woman sets! There's lots of psychological reasons, but they simply turn me tremendously ON! And with Skyie looking a lot like my (favorite) ex-wife, well, you guys have outdone yourselves - I'll love this set forever! Thanks a million!

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