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Skarlett's favorite position is doggie style. "I like to feel a man's hips thrusting against my bum," Skarlett elaborates. "I like to let a man take charge and this is the most dominant position a man can take, I think. I like to follow a man's directions in bed. I like horny guys who have a lot of stamina." The most unusual position she's tried has been the wheelbarrow, a position that takes great bodily control. Skarlett has had G-spot orgasms. She likes sex best at night. She rates her sex drive as very high compared to other girls. She says that guys inevitably ask if they can fuck her tits. (She does it.) Skarlett guess that it takes about four dates before a guy might get lucky.
Featuring: Skarlett
Date: April 10th, 2008
Duration: 60
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