SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

Wet Blue Titty Top
Simone says she loves all kinds of sex but there's one part of her that's extra sensitive. "It's my nipples," she said. "I love to have them licked and pinched. They're not all that big around, but they really stick out when I'm turned on. Guys say they like that and they try to get them to stand up as much as possible. That feels good to me. I meet a lot of titty freaks. I've been with guys who could spend hours on my tits." Simone's favorite position is doggie. "I love to be fucked from behind," she said. "But the best is when I kneel with my knees right on the edge of the bed with my ass up, then the man stands behind me and pounds into me, once he's got me all wetted up and juicy.
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