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Balcony Bust

Simona is the latest in Czech discoveries by one of our rovers--the same photographer who discovered Lenka, Marketa and a slew of other Czech-mates over the past ten years. Now in her mid-thirties, Simona never thought of modeling until just recently. Even though she missed those prime modeling years (18-30), we say better late than never at all. Simona likes to cook, try out new recipes, go lingerie and bra shopping and watch TV soaps. She's a very domesticated woman and good girlfriend material in our opinion. Simona not only was not shy about spreading her cunny lips, she had a go with a thick Doc Johnson Johnson. She did it on a terrace with dozens of apartment windows around her. That's what we love about Prague and Czech women. They don't buy into the guilt game. We wondered if any neighbors saw her.
Featuring: Simona
Date: October 15th, 2008
Duration: 70

Member Comments

10 months ago 
Red lingerie, big natural tits, wide open pussy and a smile as well - my idea of heaven...
5 years ago 
Delicious belly button...
7 years ago 
Simona, straight up you're beautiful. There isn't a picture in this set where
you are not smiling. Your body language tells me you are totally into what you
are doing and that is some absolutely killing shit!!
In all art/life we all look for connection and commitment, you've got both in
spades. The freedom you express is what all the posers wished they had but
they are just too hung up, the body doesn't lie nor do the eyes . I don't know
how you got what you got , but you got it and you got it and....
I can't really express in words how much I was turned on by this set and your
other set on this site. Absolutely stunning! Five stars? No. Maybe like a couple
of galaxies.
7 years ago 
Simona is such a hot babe even at her age like fine wine she just gets better with age!
8 years ago 
Simona would be beautiful at any age, she has an incredible body.
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