SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

Shyla's Not Shy About Her Big Tits
The idiocy of the mainstream modeling world led to our gain. "I'd go on calls, and they'd tell me I wasn't tall enough, or my boobs are too big, or I don't weigh the right amount," explained Shyla Shy. Shyla is back before the SCORE cameras to get her huge kazongas measured, creamed, squeezed and worked-over, and after that, a nice, hard drilling. "I was supposed to do another video the other night before I came here, for a record modeling company. I told them I was 170 pounds, and he said, 'Send me a picture.' So I did, and he said no. He said I wasn't skinny enough." We thank these fools! Keep up the good work rejecting busty hopefuls for commercials and catalogs because we'll take 'em gladly! In our SCORELAND world, Shyla is the perfect, submissive, voluptuous, fuck doll. She just appeared in a sexy poolside pictorial for April '10 Voluptuous and now she's the object of intense attention in her Hardcore Special and video. Nipple sucking, breast-creaming and squeezing, and other fun things to do with big-titted girls kicks the action off before the fuckin' starts. "Guys just love to feel them. I guess I don't blame them.
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