Living Art
Shione Cooper does such hot hardcore that it's often overlooked that her solo pictorials have the magic too. As a model by herself without any dudes blocking her majestic vistas, Shione is more breathtaking than the Giant Mountains of the Czech Republic. She is so beautiful in every way and has remained on SCORELAND's Top 20 Rated gallery since her debut in 2010. SCORELAND member Zach126 once remarked that "Shione is not only gorgeous but has a really sexy foreign accent as well. Kind of reminds me of a Bond girl. I never saw a Bond girl quite as sexy as her though!" The Czech knockout was actually a short-haired punk girl and into the punk scene a few years ago but you'd never know it now to look at her. It's very difficult trying to visualize Shione diving into a mosh pit. What she's doing here is much more enjoyable from our point-of-view. .
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