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Tied For a Ride

When Sheridan Love was a bride, her innocence was amplified. When Sheridan gets tied for a ride, out comes her kinky side. She learns the ropes from Carlos Rios and is bound for pleasure-town. Sheridan is tied to a chair and a bed so Carlos can play with her luscious body and the more Sheridan is restrained, the more she's entertained. We asked Sheridan about this scene, a change-of-pace for her. SCORELAND: Sheridan, what floats your boat better, lovemaking or aggressive sex? Sheridan: It depends on my day but I like it to start slow and sweet but finish hard and nasty. SCORELAND: What kind of bondage gear do you have at home, if any? Sheridan: I have a sex swing and paddles. SCORELAND: How did you get started in this fetish? Sheridan: I've just always been curious. SCORELAND: Did you and Carlos have a safe word? Sheridan: No. SCORELAND: Did you like it when Carlos used the vibrator? Sheridan: I love using toys. You guys know that. SCORELAND: Are you dominant or submissive by nature? Sheridan: It depends on my partner. SCORELAND: What did you think of what you and Carlos did? Sheridan: The scene was extreme! I would love to do another! .
Featuring: Sheridan Love and Carlos Rios
Date: January 16th, 2016
Duration: 112
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