Big Boob Photos » September 2005 Voluptuous

September 2005 Voluptuous

Sheree's a biggish woman (5'11", 165 pounds) and could use a biggish cock in her sex scenes. So we trucked one in for her. This is the second of two bosom-mashers. Sheree's actually a busty bartender in real life so she could have done this month's Joy Juggs bar wench photo shoot with two arms tied behind her back. For those of you who've asked, unfortunately, Sheree wasn't up for video of this action, just stills. Sheree sure knew what she was doing, from tit-frigging to ball-sucking and breast-focused fucking positions. She's confident yet submissive and for a big woman like her to be submissive shows that she is a cock worshipper. "I don't think sex has to go on for hours to feel great. A guy can hit all the right buttons in half an hour." In some pictures of Sheree riding cock in reverse cowgirl, she opens up her pussy lips to show off her big, pink, swollen clitty. When you see a clitty puffed like that from friction, it usually indicates a woman who likes a lot of fucking.
Featuring: Sheree Sweet
Duration: 40
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