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September 2003 Score

You're driving around. Your work day has ended, you've grabbed a quick dinner in your car at the drive-thru and now you're cruising around the rapidly emptying downtown business area where your office is. The setting sun makes you pull down your visor. Then you spot her in the litter-filled street. Tight mini-skirt. Even tighter sweater over the biggest tits you've ever seen in your life, not counting your membership to You pull over, call her to you and make small talk, not sure exactly if she's on the level. Why would a girl this great looking want to blow sleazebags like you for $50? She could make big bucks showing those tits for SCORE magazine. Don't ask questions. Just find the nearest sleaze pit and rent a room for a couple of hours.
Featuring: Sharday
Duration: 30

Member Comments

5 months ago 
Sharday has this immense sexual energy that shrines through the lens of every photo. Truly one of the all time greatest Score girls.
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