Big Boob Photos » November 2001 Voluptuous

November 2001 Voluptuous

Debut pictorial number two for the hot, huge breasted Sharday. Dark green is Sharday's favorite color, and we bet there were a lot of guys sporting the same tone on their faces when Sharday and her beau strolled into the prom. Sharday's the kind of woman who's going to send V-Men all over to chiropractors just by walking down the street, leaving car wrecks and strained necks in her wake. When we asked Sharday if she was the center of attention, she giggled and tried to play it down, but she couldn't deny it. "When we danced, everybody was watching me," she admitted. "During one number, I almost popped out of my dress! Right after that, the band started playing more upbeat stuff. I think they saw it and were trying to make it happen!" We know that she looks great in that green dress, but we just couldn't wait to get her out of it. That dress, by the way, is Sharday's actual prom dress. Sharday's mama in Texas shipped it to the SCORE Building at our request for this shoot. Guys, think back to your prom days.
Featuring: Sharday
Duration: 96

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1 year ago 
This has to be my fav set of all time.
2 years ago 
Her High School prom dress. Legend.
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