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Sha In Charge

"A lot of men will bring me flowers and invite me out to dinner. Also, some men invite me to go sailing with them. That is very fun. Every woman likes feeling attractive and knowing that men admire you. But sometimes it can be a bit too much. There should be a balance to it. Men shouldn't just stare all the time. They should sometimes look at my eyes." Those words are by Sha Rizel in an interview. Nice. Sweet.
Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: April 29th, 2014
Duration: 50

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Would love to make her cum the most elegant woman i've ever seen
3 years ago 
I've never much cared for the look of any European military uniforms, but Sha makes this one look better than any others. I'm sorry to see that the boots never come off in this nude gallery; Sha has beautiful feet & legs we should get to see. But if anyone can make such an outfit work, it's Sha!

Discussing military uniforms, if another such gallery should be contemplated, I would like to see Sha in a judogi or a karategi (lighter weight & might cling more!), barefoot of course, practicing moves in a dojo. Sha could receive just enough instruction to make her look believable. Of course, even the loose fitting karategi would prove too confining and Sha would need to continue her practice in the nude. ;-)
3 years ago 
Hard drive hidden deep in her cleavage!
4 years ago 
that body is insane. love it!
4 years ago 
Dear Sha Rizel,
I'd always be the exception to the rule, you have the most wonderful eyes, and I'd love to get lost in them(cyber-kiss).
4 years ago 
A w e s o m e spread of Sha Rizel. How hot is she??
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