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Bikini Dazzle

"I was always happy with my breasts," says Sha Rizel. Sha's homegirl Valory Irene translated. They were roommates and fellow travelers on this SCORE location shoot. "My breasts help make me who I am, and I enjoy the attention that I get from them. Also, I love showing them off on the shoots I get to be a part of around the world." As in the video version, Sha tries on the skimpiest of all-time bikinis as she luxuriates in the sun at a hill-top mansion in the Dominican Republic. Elsewhere on the grounds are Hitomi, Joana and Valory. You know what they're up to also involves a camera. This video and photo spread is all about Sha and her amazing, beauty-contestant body.
Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: March 30th, 2014
Duration: 60

Member Comments

3 years ago 
I'd say she really fills a bikini, but there wasn't much bikini to fill. I bet she could sell those bikinis for a lot of money on E-bay.
4 years ago 
Love the Photo's,she looks gorgeous in them.
4 years ago 
I LOVE this gallery! We get to see so much of Sha in just the way her body needs to be seen: her entire body, head to toes, all at once; to see how every beautiful part fits together with every other part to form a whole that is a visually stunning, feminine work of art!

We're treated to a demonstration of just how a variety of bikinis ought to look on a woman's body. While the swimsuits selected probably wouldn't stand up to much activity, they do well in allowing an almost uninhibited view of Sha's body.

For me, an improvement to this set would be a few more full-body shots of a totally nude Sha. Also, a few shots toward the end in which Sha lets her hair down.

But still, full marks to Sha & Score on this gallery!
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