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The Brunette In Red

Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: March 7th, 2013
Photos: 84
Everywhere she goes, Sha attracts a huge amount of attention. The people she meets are in awe of her stunning looks, show-stopping body, charming personality and graceful mannerisms. Even when Sha simply walks, it's magic. Sha graces the cover of August '13 SCORE, Sha's first US magazine. It will introduce Sha to veteran SCORE readers and big-tit hounds around the world who don't go on the internet and are not aware of the sensation she's become at SCORELAND. Sha will undoubtedly be placed in the same stratospheric level as Valory, Venera, Merilyn, Hitomi and other slim and stacked wonders.

What Members are saying about this update...

December 24, 2013
Very beautiful lady, almost looks like she was photo shopped. Natures perfect Eve for a man.
November 11, 2013
I may have already mentioned in a comment yet to be published how I absolutely adore so many of these poses. I would like to point out my three favorite poses: #s 76, 77, & 84! Between the three, they show and highlight to best effect all Sha's best attributes. Take off the stockings, put her in a beautiful outdoor setting and they would, in my estimation, be even better. Already they're three of the very best photographs of one of the most gorgeous women in the world! GOD, my heart is just pumping so fast looking at those photos! And look at that one full-body shot with a rear POV. How many women in the world have that much side boobage showing from the rear? Is that not a work of art and so exotic? That pose is so exquisite and sexy and I LOVE seeing that cascade of hair reaching to her waist!

I used the phrase "work of art" and I say Sha is herself a work of art. I believe in a God of creation and I think Sha is a perfect example of how good God's design can be. A woman made for a man! That's our Sha!!
November 11, 2013
The sight of Sha in photos or videos always makes my breathing deepen and heart quicken. I can only imagine my response would be even greater if I were to see her in person. And I don't think I could hide it from her. Probably not something I need worry about ;-).

This gallery is no exception in the response it provokes in me. Quite the opposite! Although I've never been one to really care for stockings of any kind (pure nudity is always better to me!), I must say that I really enjoy the primary color scheme of this set. Sha's lustrous black hair, amazing blue eyes, milky white complexion, the bright red of her lips and stockings, the combination of red & black in her lingerie set - add it all to her undeniable, natural beauty and one sees a truly gorgeous, stunning, and arousing woman.

As with the "Chef Cleavage" gallery, I'm greatly enjoying the variety of shot types in this set. Even greater for me is the fact that both sets share a large proportion of standing full-body shots, my favorites. They drive me wild!

The Goddess of Gorgeous come to earth and using the name Sha Rizel drives me wild!
September 13, 2013
This layout demonstrates why she is so good to look at solo, and why
professional models are best when you let them pose.
April 24, 2013
Man, those tits are hot!
March 23, 2013
Sha Rizel = Perfection!
March 09, 2013
I need to get that lingerie set for my g/f.
As "Whoreble" said: "so sexy"
March 09, 2013
Sha Rizel has the sizzle!!!.....STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL !!
March 08, 2013
Simply amazing. She keeps getting better everyday....
March 07, 2013
Lady in red... So slutty... So sexy... Peace of art!

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