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Sha enjoys staying at home and preparing meals. She loves cooking and watching food and travel shows on TV. The kitchen was a natural place to photograph Sha where she adds her own blend of eastern European heat. She spends a lot of time there but she also enjoys fine dining at gourmet restaurants, followed by a night of dancing in one of Moscow's many trendy clubs. Sha is an amazing dancer and easily learned the most complicated dance styles from belly dancing to samba. You may be wondering what the inscription "Haec Fac Ut Felix Vivis" tattooed on Sha's left leg means. It's Latin for "This do, to live happily" or "Do this in order to live happily." Sha has made SCORE Men happy, that's for sure. .
Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: March 5th, 2013
Duration: 70

Member Comments

3 years ago 
god good you look hot
5 years ago 
SO happy Sha has shared her magnificent body with us, should
be world heritage listed.
5 years ago 
Dear Sha,
You are the absolutely perfect SCORE girl- you are a
beautiful lady, you're slim & stacked, you've got a lovely
head of hair, but best of all, your body is completely
natural! Thank you for sharing your total beauty with us.
5 years ago 
thank you darling Sha...what an amzing body you have.. ..perfect large breasts with a slim physique..gorgeous..
5 years ago 
Dark and light, slender and voluptuous, Sha is a study in contrasts. This photo set is easily my favorite of Sha's as it allows for a full study of her incredibly beautiful physique and face. As Sha has swiftly become one of my favorite models, that means THIS photo set is one of my top favorites in the whole world! Thanks Score!

There is an admirable array of different photo types: torso shots, bust shots, and lots of full body shots (which are my absolute favorite!), and these all enable a good look at every incredible inch of Sha's gorgeous, sexy body from top of head to tip of toe. Fantastic as any one part of her may be, it's the whole of Sha's being that is even more beautiful. Her ENTIRE body is the best sight.

And it's a consideration of her interests and activities that adds to our interest in her. I'm fascinated by the mention of Sha's passion for and ability to dance. I would SO love if you Score guys would put out a video with Sha demonstrating a good portion of dancing of several types, perhaps clothed AND nude! I bet Sha would enjoy it, too! Do it guys!

Once again, Thank all you Score folks SO VERY MUCH!!!
5 years ago 
amazing! She is the best!
5 years ago 
Totally awesome! Sha must be the most thrilling woman since Linsey Dawn. What does lay in the future for her?
I can't wait ...
5 years ago 
pale nipples and pale petals, what a sex doll!
5 years ago 
Fuck Me!!!!!!!!
5 years ago 
More pussy please, love those boobs
5 years ago 
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